I have provided a few students with feedback for this assignment and thought it would be nice to post here on my blog so that other people could have a read. I think that all the students (that I have read their assignments) have done an excellent job and should be very proud!! Especially for their first accounting assignment.

Amy – Feedback

Darcie – Feedback

Emma – Feedback

Kayla – Feedback

Nicole – Feedback


Ass #1 Draft

Hey guys,

So I have finally finished my draft for Ass #1.. Or so I hope haha. This is the reason why I am posting my draft on my blog (and because the Ass #1 sheet says to) so that you can take a look at it and provide me with some feedback if you wish.

I am happy to repay the favour and have a look at other peoples drafts if they would like me to.

I have attached a copy of the feedback form as well as a link to my spreadsheet and word document. It is only my first assignment so if it looks like the dogs breakfast than please let me know 🙂

Ass # 1 – Draft

Peer Feedback Sheet

Michael Hill International Limited – Spreadsheet

It’s all in the ‘Foundations’

Its quite interesting to know that the founder and now chairman of Michael Hill International Limited started out as an aspiring musician and watch maker, following in the footsteps of generations of family before him.

michael_hill_4d1c28cfc3Michael Hill had a fierce passion for creating elegance, luxury and sophistication in the form of jewellery. He eventually took his line from just watches to engagement rings and gold jewellery and stated in an interview that he wanted to become the worlds largest jewellery retailer.

You may also be wondering why he goes by the title of Sir Michael Hill. The reason for this is that he was awarded The New Zealand Order of Merit Knights Companion in the 2011 New Year Honours for services to the business and the arts.

These days Sir Michael lives on his personally designed and crafted golf course in Arrowtown, New Zealand with his family where it is host to many events such as the annual NZ Golf Open this year to be held between 10-13 March.

Top 3 Blogs

My top 3 blogs are based on the creativity and effort that each student has put into their blog. Let’s face it I’m just jealous I didn’t come up with these ideas…

My number one blog is:

Amy Plant –

Amy has constructed her blog with great effort and creativity. She has added resources and posts that discuss both accounting concepts and her company (Oroton Group) in an artistic manner which I think reflects her personality. Amy has no trouble commenting on other students blogs and participating in discussions which I think shows her commitment to this course.

Blog number two:

I love this blog for the simple fact that I love movies! The way that Everyday Moola uses movies to express concepts and ideas to other students is brilliant. I think that making a blog fun and interactive is important to keep other students interested and Everyday Moola as succeeded in doing this.

My third and final favourite blog is:

Kayla –

The reason I chose Kayla as my third top blog is because I can really relate to Kayla and her posts she has put up so far. I think it is beneficial if you can understand where a writer may be coming from and put yourself in their shoes or share an experience they may have. Kayla talks about starting this course for the first time and how daunting it all seems and I can really relate to that 100%

Now that I have shared my Top 3 Blogs I really should get back to my Ass #1 so I can post a copy of my draft by Friday eek!! I just hope I can get up there with my top bloggers and post some awesome info for you guys to take a look at.

Mystery Company Unveiled

I guess it’s time to reveal that my “Mystery” company is indeed no mystery at all. Im so excited to announce that, my personal company that I will be talking about over the next couple of months is…..


Michael Hill!


I have already started to delve into the depths of information that surrounds Michael Hill and it really is interesting to read about how it has become the well recognised company it is today. With 296 stores, over 2,400 employees and the beginning of a new chain store it is safe to say that Michael Hill has really made an impression both here and internationally.

Sir Michael and his wife Christine Hill founded the company in 1979 in Whangarei New Zealand. In 1987 ‘Michael Hill’ was first listed on the NZ stock exchange and almost 40 years later the company has approximately 3,500 shareholders and has had a superior return for more than 25 years. I’m no guru when it comes to the stock market but my guess is that that is a massive achievement.


Now I don’t want to give too much away just yet so I’m going to leave it there for now

Talk to you soon peeps..


Hey guys I am just writing a quick post to say hello and welcome to my new blog. It does look a bit plain at the moment but I will definitely keep posting so stay tuned..

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