Mystery Company Unveiled

I guess it’s time to reveal that my “Mystery” company is indeed no mystery at all. Im so excited to announce that, my personal company that I will be talking about over the next couple of months is…..


Michael Hill!


I have already started to delve into the depths of information that surrounds Michael Hill and it really is interesting to read about how it has become the well recognised company it is today. With 296 stores, over 2,400 employees and the beginning of a new chain store it is safe to say that Michael Hill has really made an impression both here and internationally.

Sir Michael and his wife Christine Hill founded the company in 1979 in Whangarei New Zealand. In 1987 ‘Michael Hill’ was first listed on the NZ stock exchange and almost 40 years later the company has approximately 3,500 shareholders and has had a superior return for more than 25 years. I’m no guru when it comes to the stock market but my guess is that that is a massive achievement.


Now I don’t want to give too much away just yet so I’m going to leave it there for now

Talk to you soon peeps..


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