Top 3 Blogs

My top 3 blogs are based on the creativity and effort that each student has put into their blog. Let’s face it I’m just jealous I didn’t come up with these ideas…

My number one blog is:

Amy Plant –

Amy has constructed her blog with great effort and creativity. She has added resources and posts that discuss both accounting concepts and her company (Oroton Group) in an artistic manner which I think reflects her personality. Amy has no trouble commenting on other students blogs and participating in discussions which I think shows her commitment to this course.

Blog number two:

I love this blog for the simple fact that I love movies! The way that Everyday Moola uses movies to express concepts and ideas to other students is brilliant. I think that making a blog fun and interactive is important to keep other students interested and Everyday Moola as succeeded in doing this.

My third and final favourite blog is:

Kayla –

The reason I chose Kayla as my third top blog is because I can really relate to Kayla and her posts she has put up so far. I think it is beneficial if you can understand where a writer may be coming from and put yourself in their shoes or share an experience they may have. Kayla talks about starting this course for the first time and how daunting it all seems and I can really relate to that 100%

Now that I have shared my Top 3 Blogs I really should get back to my Ass #1 so I can post a copy of my draft by Friday eek!! I just hope I can get up there with my top bloggers and post some awesome info for you guys to take a look at.


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