Re-Stating or should I say ‘Nightmare’?

I have been off the radar in the last few weeks. It isn’t easy trying to study you know! With all these assignments due I have forgotten that I even have a blog on the world wide web. I haven’t posted any new posts since my last one (obviously) haha and I am lacking the motivation to keep it up 😦 I am not loving accounting at all and am finding it difficult to keep interested.

I have had a horrible time trying to re-state my financial statements to the point that I have only done one so far… I still am not sure if it is even right so heres to hoping. Below is a somewhat completed copy of my draft – I say somewhat because I haven’t finished it yet. Please feel free to have a look for me and let me know how I can improve, it would be greatly appreciated.

I am more than happy to provide other students with feedback also so please comment or email me if you would like me to. Thanks guys and keep up the good work!

Assignment 2

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