Ass #3 Draft – For Real

Well here it is the final draft post for ‘Using Accounting for Decision Making’. I am not sure if I should be sad, happy or what? Haha but I think it’s joy that is beaming out..

I have done my ratio calculations and have done 75% of my word document; however, I still am yet to do my investment decisions. I learnt a lot from calculating my ratios and to be honest I feel that it has told me the most about my company to date.

MHIL has been a very successful company over the past 37 years and so finding out how has been fun 🙂 Their NPM was very low in my opinion at 5% but after discussing with other students it had the highest and most consistent NPM compared to OrotonGroup and Noni B. Their economic profit on the other hand was not very good so I was a little disappointed.

Anyways I don’t want to write my entire word document up here so here is my draft. If you could provide feedback that would be great and I will make sure I return the favour..

Thank you X

Assignment 3 – Kelly Morton

Michael Hill International Limited


Shout out!

So I am in the middle of writing my Ass #3, third and final one hooray! and I am trying to write a bit of information about Earnings Per Share (EPS) for my company Michael Hill International Limited. I am not very thrilled with the result of their EPS which is $0.07 for 2015 so I thought I would try and compare this price with some of the other jewellery stores on the same level…

Well that ain’t gonna happen! You want to know why? Of course you do.. Because all the jewellery store websites that I have visited don’t seem to have any button/link/page etc. that shows their companies annual reports. It may be that I am completely blind (should be wearing my glasses) but I can’t find any on Wallace Bishop, Greg Neill, Pandora, Angus & Coote… Nothing!

So please if any student has any jewellery store as their company could you please chat with me and discuss what your EPS are.

Thanks guys X


Finally I have come across an assignment in this course that I actually like and can understand..

I was really starting to struggle with these assignments – the SPA’s in particular so I am very grateful that Ass #3 was relatively easy to calculate in the spreadsheet, once you had all the correct numbers.

Ratios are a great way to look at how well your company is performing long term and is also a great way to indicate how long it will take to make your money back from your company. I will hopefully be able to discuss in particular how well MHIL is doing in comparison to other companies after having some discussions with students about their ratios.

So keep an eye out as I will be posting some discussions in the next couple of days 🙂


I was on the home stretch and I entered the last number into my re-stated income statement and viola…. I was out by 26 😦 I am so devastated. I have looked over every figure I have re totalled everything I can think of and it’s still out. I was so close to not having to do anymore for this assignment and then bam! Nope you are out by a smidge. I don’t know what to do now?? If anyone has any ideas or could have a quick look at my statement and maybe see where I have gone wrong that would be excellent.

Michael Hill International Limited

Feedback Ass #2

I have finally finished my initial three feedback forms and just in the nick of time haha. I want to hopefully fill out a couple of more but I didn’t realise it was due by today by 5pm… So I have filled out feedback for the following students and have added this feedback into my draft. I have only had two lots of feedback for myself so if some other people could please provide me with some that would be great. Even if its just to tell me I need to work HARDER! No please don’t tell me that I’m trying 🙂 accounting assignments are really difficult and I don’t know what is the go with my brain but I just don’t get it!

Feedback Forms:

Amy – Feedback

Darci – Feedback

Emma – Feedback

Hope to post soon xoxo G.G. haha just kidding I love that show!!!