Shout out!

So I am in the middle of writing my Ass #3, third and final one hooray! and I am trying to write a bit of information about Earnings Per Share (EPS) for my company Michael Hill International Limited. I am not very thrilled with the result of their EPS which is $0.07 for 2015 so I thought I would try and compare this price with some of the other jewellery stores on the same level…

Well that ain’t gonna happen! You want to know why? Of course you do.. Because all the jewellery store websites that I have visited don’t seem to have any button/link/page etc. that shows their companies annual reports. It may be that I am completely blind (should be wearing my glasses) but I can’t find any on Wallace Bishop, Greg Neill, Pandora, Angus & Coote… Nothing!

So please if any student has any jewellery store as their company could you please chat with me and discuss what your EPS are.

Thanks guys X


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