Ass #3 Draft – For Real

Well here it is the final draft post for ‘Using Accounting for Decision Making’. I am not sure if I should be sad, happy or what? Haha but I think it’s joy that is beaming out..

I have done my ratio calculations and have done 75% of my word document; however, I still am yet to do my investment decisions. I learnt a lot from calculating my ratios and to be honest I feel that it has told me the most about my company to date.

MHIL has been a very successful company over the past 37 years and so finding out how has been fun šŸ™‚ Their NPM was very low in my opinion at 5% but after discussing with other students it had the highest and most consistent NPM compared to OrotonGroup and Noni B. Their economic profit on the other hand was not very good so I was a little disappointed.

Anyways I don’t want to write my entire word document up here so here is my draft. If you could provide feedback that would be great and I will make sure I return the favour..

Thank you X

Assignment 3 – Kelly Morton

Michael Hill International Limited


4 thoughts on “Ass #3 Draft – For Real

  1. Sue Brock

    Hi Kelly,
    Maybe i have misunderstood but I think your Current Ratio is good. The way I see it is that your current assets are worth nearly 3 times more than your current liabilities so they will have no trouble paying off any debts due in the 12 months time frame that defines current.


    1. Hi Sue,

      Sorry I haven’t replied until now I have been sick over the last week and with all these assignments I can barely keep my head above water. It may be that I have written my understandings incorrectly because I too think that my current ratio is could. If you could point me to the direction that lead you to your comment that would be great and I can fix it up if need be šŸ™‚



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