False Alarm..

Don’t stress guys this isn’t my draft just yet but I am just posting up my ratios for students to have a look at and hopefully discuss with me what they think.


Michael Hill International Limited


2 thoughts on “False Alarm..

  1. hey! all your ratios look great well done 🙂 I struggled with a few of mine and ended up with some funky numbers that I had to do loads of research to discover why I got these :/ anyway it looks like you found the ratios fairly straightforward.. how did you find the economic profit formula?


  2. Thank you 😊 Yes I did find the ratio calculations pretty easy which was good, so much better than the first two assignments! I did however struggle a lot with how to analyse some of them, economic profit in particular. I understand what the ratio is trying to show but I just didn’t get what my ratio actually meant. MHIL’s economic profit was -13,524.32 ($’000) so whether that means it was a negative profit because they spent too much money on an opportunity or whether they did not have enough revenue to pay for the opportunity I’m not sure. What about yourself? Did you understand your ratios and were you happy with the results?


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